Our Story



The dairy plant in Battle Ground goes back to a group of farmers who needed a


place to market their milk.


They decided to form a Cooperative Association and


work together to build a facility to make cheese.


This group was known as Clark County Dairymen Association.


They later changed their name to Ag-Co.




          The cheese plant was built and operated. All milk came to the dairy


in ten gallon cans. It was then made into cheddar cheese. As the years went


by it became more difficult to make cheese efficiently in smaller plants.


Improved transportation and cooling methods allowed the milk to be


transported to larger plants, where it could be processed in larger volumes,


and more efficiently. It was about this time that the Cooperative decided


to sell their plant.




          In August of 1966, Ronald Andersen and his brother, Gordon, decided


to start a milk production venture.  In order to find a market, they decided to


process and distribute their own milk.  They started processing at


4501 NE Fourth Plain in Vancouver, but soon outgrew the


facilities.  Ron decided to stay with the milk plant and Gordon


continued to produce milk on the farm.  In August 1967, Ron purchased the


Clark County Dairymen plant and equipment in Battle Ground. He acquired three


stores in Vancouver and started one inside the Andersen Dairy


Plant. He started packaging in glass bottles, later converting


to paper and then plastic containers.






     Ron started his first plastic blow-molding plant (Andersen Plastic) in 1980. In August 2022,


after growing to three plants, Andersen Plastic was sold.




    At our Battle Ground Dairy facility, fresh milk is delivered daily & processed


into pasteurized and homogenized milk varieties. After processing, it is bottled into


half gallon and gallon plastic milk bottles, labeled, and then shipped to many retail locations.




    Andersen Dairy, Inc. has served WinCo Foods for 30 plus years. To date, we are serving more than 30 stores in Oregon and Washington.

Gallon and half gallon milk products are sold in both Andersen Dairy and WinCo Foods label.

We also bottle gallon drinking and distilled water that is sold in the Tukes Valley and WinCo Foods label.

We are dedicated to our customers to continue delivering quality products at a competitive price.

We value the community in which our history resides and strive to be a part of it in positive ways, as we continue to grow.