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Andy's Food Basket

Battle Ground, WA

360.687.7171  |  800.426.4070

Dairy Products

We produce a variety of milk and whipping cream products. Click here to for a list of all dairy products available.

 Juice Products

We also produce and offer a variety of Citrina and other juice products. Click here for a list of all products available.





Monday - Friday

8am  to 6pm





9am  to  6pm

Milk, history and more...

     Andy's Food Basket is your quick stop shop for essentials including milk, snacks, candy, water, soda, plastic bottles and plenty of history. Have you ever wondered how Battle Ground came to be or how

Andersen Dairy developed into the company it is today?


      Andersen Dairy and Andy's Food Basket offers a variety of murals and artifacts

that give insight into the history of the local area, as well as facts about the formation of the Dairyman's Association and eventual development of Andersen Dairy.