Andersen Dairy, Inc.

Battle Ground, Washington

          Andersen Dairy began producing milk in 1966, at the same location in Battle Ground, Washington, as it does today. We produce a variety of half-gallon and gallon products, including milk (in both the Andersen Dairy and WinCo Foods label), heavy whipping cream and Citrina juice varieties. We also offer bulk milk and cream products in 2 1/2 & 5 gallon bags and large tote sizes.

Dairy Products

    We produce a variety of milk and whipping cream products. Click here for a list of dairy products available.

Juice Products

    We also produce and offer a variety of Citrina and other juice products. Click here for a list of all products available.

Water Products

    We now produce water products which come from an aquifer at our own bottling plant.

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